February 13th

The Kiss, Part II: Romance is Dead

INTERNET DATING…when you’re 14.

SOBVULTURE: how are u
SOBVULTURE: good really stressed
WANTS2BKIST: dido here
SOBVULTURE: cool. so, I wanna kno something. have u hooked up with someone yet? (NOTE HOOKED UP = KISSED)
WANTS2BKIST: y u ask
SOBVULTURE: to be honest get on that quick

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February 11th

Therapy: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Your relationship with your therapist is very special. Sometimes, too special and you begin to be afraid to make a move without her.

Untitled from Lara Dean on Vimeo.
Some examples: should I have a baby? marry my boyfriend? change jobs? move? move my furniture? order in? wear the blue dress? file my nails? curl my eyelashes? If you find that every move you make is tied to a call to the therapist, it may just be time…to break up.

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