September 11th

Ten Years

On Thursday night we were aware,
Of the strange buzz that filled the air.
The words that threatened created fear,
That 911 was still here.

We no longer live the same,
Our world has changed, from Osama’s fame.
The US ignorence is lost.
The 9000 lives* that it has cost.

Terrorist horror has existed for centuries past.
We’ve been lucky we’ve missed it’s blast.
But for Africa, the Middle East and many others as well.
This nightmare of violence has seen eons of hell.

As I look outside on Lexington street,
The cop blockade stops the cars they meet,
As though that will prevent it from happening again,
I think, it’s not “IF” (unfortunately, but “WHEN?”)

So exhausted from from living this way,
I wish I could wave a magic wand and say,
Please everyone let’s stop the madness,
Let’s cure cancer, HIV, hunger and all other sadness.

We’ve wasted centuries killing each other,
Over religion, and land, and oil, come ON we’re brothers!
Well I can’t do that, but can only pray,
That peace will come to the world one day.

So on this tenth my pain goes out,
To those who have to live without.
Never forget or forgive the attack.
But no words will ever bring them back.

*6000 service men and women killed in the war

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