June 17th

Father’s Day 2017

Today is the day my dad died. 14 years ago. It was one day before my birthday and 2 days after father’s day.

it’s always weird this time of year
that three days coincide.
Father’s Day, The Day I was born,
And the day that you died.

I remember when they told us
you wouldn’t make it through
But I didn’t want you to pass,
On my birthday, yeah it’s true.

they unhooked all those blinking lights
they shut off the machines,
remember you told me once,
You wanted peaceful dreams?

I know you weren’t ready,
I sure wasn’t too.
For you to leave the planet earth
But somehow you just knew.

So dad again I miss you
I still can feel you near.
You’re with me in my thoughts each day.
My dad, you are so dear.

Love ya,

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