January 18th

Dear Daddy

I didn’t forget, today’s your day,
Even though you seem far away,
I miss you like crazy, though not all the time,
I wonder what you’d think, what’s on your mind.

The word is virtual in every sense,
No one speaks, no one talks,
They are too busy, when they walk.

Their heads are down in their phone,
Texting and facebooking, all alone.
I only wish with all this stuff,
That it would be quite enough,
I wonder if you can hear or see,
SteveĀ  Job’s technology,

That magic phone with all it’s APPS,
Might someday bring your voice back.
Can it be maybe the i-phone 7,
That will reach to you, up in heaven?

Well, perhaps we’re not quite ready,
To hear our loved ones, strong and steady.
But I believe I heard from you,
In my coffee cup, it’s true.

For after drinking the strong beans down,
I looked in my cup, see what I found?
And at that moment I truly knew,
That this heart was a message from you.

I didn’t need a phone, nor laptop, nor tablet,
Just simple belief that you are at it.
In every way that you possibly will
Tell me that you’re with me still.

So Daddy dearest from my heart,
Even though we’re far apart.
I love you with my deepest being.
and I know that you’re agreeing.

Happy birthday Daddy dear,
I truly wish that you were here.

All my love,

Your ever lovin’ Lara

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