September 11th


I wrote this last year, but being out of creative juices, feel it’s just as applicable today as it was then, even if the only other person in my office now that I am self employed is a fuzzy black toy poodle

We always must remember,
Must never forget,
The day 2976 died,
By the fires of jets.

Today was different,
Then most other years,
Today only families,
Shed their tears.

My office was busy,
No one spoke of the day.
It was business as usual,
People went on their way.

No silence was observed,
As the names were read,
The TV chattered to an empty room,
About our dead.

Did we really forget,
On this warm September night,
The thing that happened,
That caused us to fight?

It seemed that way,
And it shouldn’t be,
That around me NY,
Went on…quite merrily.

So I devote this post,
To all that perished,
Please know that forever,
Your memories are cherished.

And I guess that’s what makes,
New York go round,
That even when weeping,
You don’t hear the sound.
Because it’s still there,
That hole in the ground.
Where towers once blazed,
No peace will be found.

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On September 12th, 2008 at 8:45 pm, Cindy said:

I do remember and I so appreciated this poem. Throughout the entire day, the memories of that day lay just below the surface. My thoughts went to those who were left behind to construct new lives without those who they so dearly loved. I thought about that whole in the ground that has yet to be resurrected into a symbol of our resilience. I’m sure being a New Yorker, makes this day all the more salient. I live on the left coast. I didn’t smell the smells of that day. I did not breath in the dust that permeated the air. I did not experience the terror of “is it over? will there be more?” But I witnessed it all as the rest of the country did. My heart broke, the tears fell, the anger bubbled beneath the surface, the horror of it all was felt to the depths of my soul. I pray that we never forget. That we always remember the needless sacrifice of those innocent lives. Thanks so much for your wonderful poem.

On September 16th, 2008 at 7:42 am, Lara said:

Thanks Cindy for reading and commenting. Best, Lara

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