About Me


Well, I am now a self employed CEO.  But, at least I don’t sit in a cube anymore.  Instead, I have a whole big living room to work from.


My name is Lara Dean. I am a frustrated actor, writer, director, film maker and single mom. Who sells advertising. Isn’t everyone? OK, you may not be. But, I live in New York City with about 8 million other actors, singers, writers, who do something else. In fact, you may know me. I may be one of you. Sitting next to you. In a cube. Biggest bane of my existence? I am SO NOT WHERE I THOUGHT I’D BE AT THIS POINT OF MY LIFE. I mean, I sit in a friggin’ cube! And I ain’t 25 no mo. (But not much older either.)

In fact, my daughter Bella is almost 25. Alright, 16, but thinks she’s 25. Except when I want her to do something. Like clean the God Damn BATHROOM. Other times, like when she wants to go to a concert by herself at 8 O’clock on a Saturday night with a bunch of Predatorial* 15 year-old-boys, she acts like she’s 40.

Then there’s Chloe, the other child in my life. Except she’s a lot furrier and a lot more demanding than Bella. She’s smaller than Bella too, but thinks she’s bigger. About 10 times bigger than the 10 pounds she is. She rules the house.

So, I decided to start this blog because I figured that my life is lousy enough so that after reading it, most people would feel pretty good about where they are in their lives right now; that I’d get enough traffic to make enough advertising dollars so at least, I wouldn’t have to put on makeup every morning and schlepp into the office. I mean, isn’t that why everyone’s blogging these days? What, you thought I was doing this for my health?

Along the way, I thought to perhaps give you a few hits and tips on how NOT to live your life; or how to live your life differently. It evolves everyday. I mean after all, maybe I can give back, maybe someone else can learn from my mistakes, and, when they get to where I am, not feel like they are not where they want to be at that point in their lives.

And perhaps, through our mutual annoyance and depressed state of minds, we can see that life, with all it’s ups and downs, is really quite a journey, that, when shared with like minds, isn’t so quite as depressing after all.

Most of the stories and events on this site are true. Or, something that I view as true. I never lie. I just view life through a more colorful set of eyes than the rest of the world.

So, if you have stories you want to share, things that you think will help the world become a better place, please send them to me at Laradeans at aol dot com. Yes someone already has my freaking name. So I had to add the S.

** WIKIPEDIA: Predatorial - Adolescent boys who want to jump on your 15 year old daughter which drives you to drink many glasses of wine until she gets through adolescence.