February 4th

Word and insemination: it just goes together

So, if you are a teen living somewhere in the heart of the Urban Jungle, “WORD“, means, um something like,
1) well said
2) said in a agreement
3) can be used as a greeting, hey whats up
1..and 2…You goin to that rocks tanite….word

But if you are the newly pressed CEO of a company that still writes their own legal docs, well, Word ™ is that God awful software produced by Microsoft that no one else has figured out a better solution to, so you still use it for contracts, proposals, etc. But there is a big problem with Word ™ especially if you are your own self processed lawyer who needs to write all about indemnities, and indemnitors, and indemnitees, because Word ™ doesn’t understand what you mean and keeps trying to replace it with its own special version of what you might actually mean, as can be evidenced by this screen shot, seen here:

I am just hopeful that one day,  (at the end of my 14 hour day) I don’t accidentally  hit auto correct as in AUTOMATICALLY making the same correction , because isn’t that a different business altogether than web development?  Yeah.  I thought so too.

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