March 31st

What I Learned in School Today

At Dinner in a Mexicano Restaurante

Bella: So me and a few friends were sitting around talking today, and you wanna hear what the boys said?
Me: Sure.
Bella: Well, they don’t really want to get involved. That’s why they like making out so much. They just want to get in and out, do you know what I mean?
Me: Ah, yeah. I know what you mean.
Bella: So it’s just better to not have any emotions. That way you don’t get hurt.
Me: So why don’t they want to “get involved”?
Bella: Well Preston said it just makes him too nervous. Like too much pressure. So they just sit around and talk about what they like about a girl, and don’t like about a girl. And if one of the boys doesn’t like a girl, then the rest of them don’t either. Like: “she’s a real pain in the butt”, or “she has nice hair”.
Me: She is a real pain in the butt?
Bella: Yeah, isn’t that mean?
Me: Well, yes.
Bella: Do you believe they really don’t have any feelings about the girls?
Me: It’s called…IMMMMATURRITY. (and it pretty much continues until they are about forty fucking five).
Bella: And, if a girl is annoying, no matter how hot she is, it will turn them off.
Me: What do you mean, annoying?
Bella: Well, like if she calls them too much. So they can’t call everyday. But the boys won’t call them. So then, they don’t call each other. So, how does that work? I don’t get it. And they can’t hang out every day, ‘cause they need their space. So, no matter how HOT you are, you still have to play hard to get. Isn’t that NICE???
Me: Yeah, really. (Take a Report– Read: THE RULES)
Bella: You know that kinda depresses me that the only thing that guys want is sex and they’ll never be in love.
Me: Well, it’s not true.
Bella: It totally is. It came from two boys’ mouths.
Me: Like I said…
Bella: So I don’t even like kissing.
Me: (Looking at 3 little children) Look how cute those kids are. Can’t you go back to being that age, and just color?
Bella: Well, in about 10, no 15 years, you will have them again. And you can take care of them.
Me: Ah, no, they will be yours. Been there done that (But we won’t get any until you start to like kissing. LUCKY ME, Thank God for SMALL miracles!!)
Bella: So, according to Preston, Dumb Boy doesn’t even LIKE girls yet. I don’t even know why I like him!
Me: Neither do I.
Bella: Can you believe the year’s almost over? I don’t even think I LEARNED anything. Well, I did learn some things like, lactose intolerance, the system of linear equations, all about The Silk Road, Chemical Bonding, Law of Conservation of Mass, Taoism, Legalism, Confusionism, stuff like that. Maybe I learned some things.
I think you learned MORE THAN ENOUGH for one year or three.


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