January 1st

What I learned in 2010

I couldn’t let the day go by without commemorating 1/1/11, so I figured I’d post a simple but vital piece of information that I need to store in my data bank which is,  don’t drink a Diet Coke if you are going on a hike in a place that looks like this:

I mean, does this LOOK like it is going to have some kind of facility?  No? Right. No.  However, the views are nice and the birds?  Well looking at them was enough to make me shiver.

It made me long for this 100 year old toilet– at least what they looked like 100 years ago in the Newport Mansions.  (Come to think of it, my grandmother’s place in the Bronx had something similar…) but alas I digress.

And, so, as I sought refuse in the barren wasteland around me, I saw this:

which at first I thought was an abandoned tractor, but as I got closer, saw it was a GIANT deer (it was DARK out, jeez–OK maybe I need a higher prescription) , who stared and stared and STARED at me with such intensity, I really didn’t feel comfortable spoiling his domain.

The moral of the story is don’t drink and hike.   OK, 1/1/11 all done.

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