February 5th

The Week In Review

So, this has been a really strange week in terms of news. Really strange.

First the good news. Obama admitted he made a mistake. Then the bad news. He made a mistake…not two weeks into his presidency. Hmmm. Is this a harbinger of things to come? It’s like with Bella. She admitted she shoplifted. That’s the good thing. But, shoplifting? That’s the bad thing. I’m not exactly sure where this is going, except that I’m pretty sure, it’s a little too soon into the new presidency to be making mistakes, much less admitting to them. Is it me? Anyhow, I still don’t get that nanny tax thing. Does that mean I should have been paying tax on all of Bella’s babysitters? They were illegal for God’s sakes. How could have i? Couldn’t have they gotten deported?

Then, and I really don’t get this, is the Arkansas doctor who’s car was bombed. I mean, what’s THAT all about? Even if I were a Dr. Diamond patient with a Tori Spelling rhinoplasty, I wouldn’t consider bombing. Suing? Maybe. Bombing. No.

Next on the list, the big hoopla about Michael Phelps doing a little tooting on a bong. Get OVER IT people. It’s pot. Not Heroin, Not Cocaine. Pot. Pot. I know all the executives at all his sponsors smoked. I know it ’cause I party with them. But apologies are apparently in vogue right now. So, apologize away.

And last, but not the very least, is Christian Bale’s rant. The excuse is he was doing the biggest EMOTIONAL scene in his new movie, The Terminator Salvation. But, the thing is, I’m really trying to get my brain wrapped around the thought that there IS an emotional scene in The Terminator. Truly sounds like some one’s off his Prosac, Abilify or maybe Concerta. I would really like to know, where the FUCK is the FUCKING DIRECTOR. God fucking Dammit?? Not only Christian’s his mind NOT in the scene. His mind is not on this FUCKING planet. But at least, it makes for a great new dance song.

I repeat. What a WEIRD friggin’ week.

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