November 12th

The War of the Poop Worlds

So last night I was walking Chloe, who never really likes to walk, as you have heard about once, or twice or ten times, and there, right in front of our building, I see this 20 something woman pick up her pooch (also a toy poodle) and put him in the fenced off tree to do his business. So I marched over with a proper amount indignence, pulling Chloe behind me, while at that second, her dog takes a poop. “Um, excuse me. They put that fence there so our dogs WOULDN’T crap or pee on the newly planted BUSHES.” “I PICK IT UP,” she says. And besides, I can’t control where my (8 pound) poodle goes.

“Oh REALLY?? That’s why they have LEASHES.” And she very intelligently replies, “That’s YOUR opinion.” Several moments later, I am narrating the story to the doorman and Poodle Pooper lady comes to the very same door! She LIVES with me! “You don’t have to go TELLING everyone!” she says. “I LIVE HERE.”

Yeah, I say. Then you should CURB YOUR DOG. “He’s a country dog and not used to going on the cement,” is her excuse. “Then use WEE WEE pads,” I offer. “I DO,” she says. “Then why are you letting him SHIT ON OUR TREES???”

“Listen,” she threatens. “I live here and pay a lot of rent, so you better watch out”. Oh REALLY? I respond. “Maybe if your dog didn’t CRAP on the trees, they wouldn’t have had to put EXPENSIVE fences around them and your RENT WOULDN’T be so high!!”

Is it me? Or have people just gotten ruder??  (NOTE: No trees, plant or other green leafy things harmed in the writing of this article)

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