February 28th

The Medical Reason I Don’t Exercise…At LAST!

Ok, so I HATE those little freaking TV sets in cabs. You can’t help but look at them, and I’ll tell you I want to vomit from the car sickness because of the insanity that is cab driving in NYC. But the eye, like moth to a light, just watches because it’s THERE.


But today, TODAY I was Goddamn thankful for that insipid little screen because GUESS WHAT? There is a MEDICAL REASON I don’t exercise. The ticker scrawl that runs through out the programming told me that people with ACNE don’t exercise. I googled to make sure I wasn’t getting false information and SURE ENOUGH:
I freaking knew it! The reason that I can’t drag myself up to that treadmill at 7 in the morning is NOT the bottle of wine I drank last night. It’s the freaking pimple that has been bomblasted on my nose since April 2002 that has prevented me from the very thing that is most likely causing the increased stress and anxiety that is causing the pimple that is preventing me from exercising. WHEW. No more therapy. I’m going to spend the rest of the week inside a taxi in case some other cool news helps me. I know that Boris Avanescov http://laraslousylife.com/?p=68 would agree.

Oh by the way, I just ate a handful of those precut baby carrots without washing them. Will I die from that? Like from all the pesticides? Kinda freaking me out.

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On March 1st, 2008 at 6:53 pm, admin said:

The carrots won’t kill you.

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