October 13th

the iPod life: all you need is a good soundtrack

So, forever, it has annoyed me that the good citizens of New York, turn on, tune up, and tune out (i.e. the minute they leave their ever lovin’ apartments, they stick i-plugs in their ears to block out, well THE SOUNDS OF LIFE, for godssakes). Which means that, let’s say, a HUGE mack truck is honking at them as they step into the street. They don’t hear it ’cause the White Stripes is blasting, and well, they are now dead because the truck hit them. Which is really annoying because the ambulance that comes roaring down the street to pick them up is really loud and I hear it because I DON’T plug in. So this has festered like a puslike, open, cankerous sore for a long, long, time. And, I just didn’t get it. Until today. Today, I used Bella’s i-POD which I took from her because she being bitchy and I punished her, and I decided to use it on my “run” . And well, it was though I found God (which I didn’t and won’t because if God had existed we all wouldn’t have lost millions in the market last week–but I didn’t exactly cause I didn’t have millions to lose, but I friggin’ lost ENOUGH). So, I didn’t find God, but I realized, that having that iPod was like creating a soundtrack to life. Everything had heightened meaning. It was my own magical mystery tour. My senses were heightened. I ran faster, longer, better, because I was running to the beat of the iPod. And the faces? They all had a meaning, a purpose in life, not just some annoying stranger that walked in front of me that I would never see again. They had expressions. That I had never noticed before. And I began to make a movie. The movie of life. By the way Bella, I don’t know what the hell you are complaining about. You have AWESOME songs on your iPod.

THE SOUND TRACK TO LIFE from Lara Dean on Vimeo<

The mundane. Turned into a documentary. All you need is a good soundtrack

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