August 2nd

The Elevator, Part III: Her View My View

So, I happen to live in a building where everyone is much younger than I am. MUCH. But older than Bella. I just can’t help getting annoyed every time I go into the ‘vator and there they are, clear skin, bright eyes, long hair, hot guys. POPPING THEIR GUM. It drives me nuts. So, in we go. There are 3. Two guys, one girl. You know, the kind with the Flat Ironed look. And one guy popping and popping. They leave 7 floors below my stop. The popper gets out. I breath a sigh of relief. Thank the lord Jaaasus. Bella is smiling broadly.

ME: What’s so funny.

BELLA: Nothing. (Still smiling)

ME: Cute guy?

BELLA: Ah huh. Did you see him?

ME: No. I was too annoyed. Which one?

BELLA: The one next to you.

ME: The guy popping his gum?

BELLA: I didn’t notice. Wasn’t he hot?

ME: I didn’t notice.

I am definitely too old.

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