June 25th

The Baby Borrowers

So by now, unless you have your head buried in the sand, or where eva, you must have heard of the new NBC show called the Baby Borrowers. And, just in case you have been sand grazing, The Baby Borrowers is a show where parents of infants GIVE THEIR CHILDREN to teen couples. So it’s all safe and everything because apparently, the parents are watching on camera somewhere nearby so in case there is an emergency, they can run in and save the day. I guess that means if the baby is drowning in the bathtub, the cameras stop, the parents run in, and the baby is saved. Or something like that. The premise is supposedly to help prevent teen pregnancy. Or teens getting pregnant. In my opinion, there are much easier ways to prevent teens from having babies like: lock them into their bedrooms, don’t let them go out…at all without your body attached in some way to theirs. Give them pills that will make them sleep until they are 21. Or, at the very least, give them condoms or put them on birth control pills. But THEN there wouldn’t be a TV SHOW now, would there?? Well, me always having wanted to create a TV PILOT have come up with a few other show concepts that could help prevent teen pregnancy or even teen sex. Let me know what you think of these ideas:

1) THE JOB BORROWERS: The parent teen, prior to his/her role on The Baby Borrowers, first has to put in a 12 day where their boss screams and yells at how things are not getting done fast enough and the cube they sit in has no air, no sunlight and the person on the other side of the partition is on personal phone calls all day and has smoker’s hack and laughs like a cackling goose. Then they go home to the baby.

2) THE BILL BORROWERS: The parent teen, has to take on the responsibility of paying all the bills and working to earn the money to pay all the bills and get a babysitter to take care of the baby. If the bills aren’t paid, they start getting phone calls from collection agencies and the electric goes off causing all the food in the refrigerator to go bad.

3) THE STD BORROWERS: The teens in this show have to be infected with an STD and then take all the anti-biotics to cure it. If it even is curable.

4) THE MORTGAGE BORROWERS: These teens have inherited a below prime rate mortgage that has now ballooned out and they are about to lose their home and all their furnishings to the bank. They then have to find a new place to live even though they have no money or no credit.

And lastly, the show that I feel is the most successful treatment against teen pregnancy:

5) TEEN BORROWERS: The parent teen has to control their drinking, cursing, rude teenager who is failing school and having unprotected sex.

I know that my ideas would probably get much higher ratings. NBC– my number is listed. (BTW, by the look of these happy couples, it would seem the teen pregnancy message hasn’t gotten across too well–unless of course the whole thing is staged. Now who would think that?)

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