June 30th

Survival Skills

I’ve come to believe there are little things in everyday life, that make it, well liveable. And I am so thankful to be living now, and not 60 years ago, because it is quite possible, my family would have either had me committed or have jammed a hunk of chocolate down my throat to stop the whining. So, anyway I can help other poor souls out their to survive, I do. I consider it my civic duty.

THE DOGGER BOTTLE: Since my little fragile flower seems unable to walk even a block in this hot dirty city without proper hydration, this device has become attached to the leash. At only $7, a must.

SOPHIE SHORTS: For every girl and every gal, whether you are straight or whether you are gay; Sophie makes a color short for every single day. Three for $20, you just can’t beat it. (Well, probably you can if you live in Oshkosh). $40 later, and Bella’s all set for summer. According to me.

THE CREDIT CARD: I would not be able to survive without it. Enough said. Do you really need a picture?

CHOCOLATE PRETZEL: I know I said three things. But it’s FOUR. So sue me.

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