January 29th

Suny Purchase: Paradise found. Or lost. Let’s see.

So today, I went with Bella (oh my GOD soon to be 18 and a college freshman– are you FRIGGIN’ KIDDING ME??) to Suny Purchase to which I was thrilled that she got accepted because not only is it a great arts school, writing school and only 45 minutes from the city, but AFFORDABLE too.

So, I, like the old farty mom that I am, go up to a kid and say, “where is the Student Union”, and he’s like “um, student union?  I don’t think we have one of them.” I clarify, “student center” and he says OH, the STEW.  And, I’m like, “yeah, yeah, the STEW” –(I feel really dumb saying that)  and he gives us the directions and we get there and it is graffettied and gross and there are about 10 skate boarder guys,
(yes, each one cuter than the next) and I’m like “Bella is NOT going here”, but of course she LOVES it. Oh and by the way the skate boarder guys are actually SKATE BOARDING in the friggin’ student union.  And I REALLY don’t get this.  (Nothing like Wesleyan, no NOTHING like it at all, but I understand it really makes no difference because drug usage there is just as bad, only more carefully planned so as not to get caught.) But MEANWHILE, back to Purchase. So due to the high volume of coffee that both B and I consumed, we needed to venture into the eqully gross bathroom, also fully graffettied with wonderful colliegiate sayings like, “Jason loves to eat p*&sy”, and great thoughts like that.

 The rest of the tour was somewhat less eventful, but on the way home it’s like this (as in discussing the gross bathroom walls:
BELLA: The walls reminded me of the boys I know who like porn.
ME: All guys like porn.
BELLA: No, bad porn.
ME: There is no bad porn.
BELLA: Well, the kind where it pinches girl’s…
ME: STOOPPPPPP. Don’t say no more.
BELLA: Masochists.
ME: No Sadists.
BELLA: Well, they say if a girl says it’s OK, it’s OK. So they are Sadists too.
ME: um. No. The girls are Masochists. The boys are…
BELLA: Sadists.
ME: As long as we get that right.

Purchase. Hmmmm. Really?

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On January 30th, 2011 at 12:11 am, Izahabel said:

HAHAAA. Best one yet!

On January 30th, 2011 at 9:40 am, Lara said:

you betcha

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