July 3rd

So What the f*cK are They Teaching in School Today???



Bella: So in English class today, Dumb Boy said that he saw something on the news like how this guy had an agreement on how he let his wife have sex with other men. And Ms. English Teacher says: “Sure. Agreements happen like that all the time. It’s just sex”. He’s so, like naive.

And I’m like, a glass and a half of Chardonnay later: ” can you PLEASE REPEAT THAT????”

Bella: and I said to the teacher, “yeah, sure that’s true, but where’s your morals?

And I’m like YEAH GO BELLA!!! Sometimes mama does sink in. “So then WHAT DID SHE SAY?”

Bella: And then she goes, “but those marriages don’t work out very well. I don’t understand how husbands and wives can stay together for so long. And then another boy says: “Marriage = an end to your life” and she goes “word”.

Me: “WORD?” Bella: That means “I agree”. Me (getting angrier more upset by the minute): How OLD is this woman??

Bella: She’s probably about 3o I would say. But she might be 28 I think.

Me: Yes big difference.

So, then my bill comes and it’s $41.28 and I leave $50 and wait for the change. It arrives. $60. And I agonize. What should I do? And Bella keeps talking and I am not talking back, and I’m like what the fuck should I do here? And I decide, oh hell, I’ll leave a $10 tip; I eat here all the time and I work hard for the money, so hard of the money. Then, walking home. Oh shit. I left the umbrella. Should I go back? Never mind. I’ll get it tomorrow. I am SO glad it’s summer vacation.

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On July 16th, 2008 at 5:01 pm, Guy said:

I hear stupid things from teachers all the time. One tried to tell me that if a bird weighs over 40 pounds it can’t fly - and that’s the only reason it can’t fly. As if 39.9 pounds is the magic point at which the principals of flight no longer apply.

This begged the question, “Nothing weighing over 40 pounds can fly?”

“That’s correct.”

Wow. How do planes fly?

Then there was the teacher that told me federal buildings are only in the capital. WTF?

On July 17th, 2008 at 8:29 am, Lara said:

Scary shit.

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