April 8th

So after the last nasty comment…

I stopped posting.  NOT.  I have just been so busy in my new life as a C fucking EO that I haven’t had the time.  But I am on a new DIET.  Did I say diet?  And I am posting my weight loss sojourn on a new blog– called:  I Eat Too Much.  But, instead of posting all over the place, I am REBLOGGING.  Is there a term like that?  So here it is:  Day I:  The Only Natural Food Diet.  Oh, I am SOO motivated:  And while you’re at it, check my newest site:  ONLY NATURAL FOOD dot COM

Maybe this time, with the world watching, I will do this.  I will lose the weight.  If not, well, the world will still be watching.  More motivation?  Hey, at least it’s not The Biggest Loser, right (although that WOULD be nice)– no one paying me $250K to lose 10, but whateva.  Here I am again.
The morning starts out OK with my usual, yogurt and raisins—I always have the same thing, you might say that I am a Dannon Coffee Yogurt addict.  Not organic, but no additives no preservatives.
Lunch isn’t bad either—Grilled Tuna on a bed of lettuce, dressing on the side, no bread.  Looking gooood!  Ah yah, until that is, of course, I needed to provide my co-worker with chocolate birthday cake.  With ice cream, with syrup, with whipped cream.  So, how many calories does that all add up to? (only let’s say 4 forkfuls?)  I won’t cheat.  I will count it.
Next, let’s see, it’s 8 o’clock, I am still at the office and yeah, there’s that bag of Rice Works Chips, just the crumbs, but how bad can it be?  Only a few, certainly not adding up to a whole portion of a whopping 150 calories, right?
But then, I get home, and since I am a food reviewer (ok, I admit, I work for Only Natural Food), there’s this box of “candy”, and I’m like who the heck sent me candy (hidden admirer?) Yeah, fat chance.  So I take it upstairs and HOLY CRUMBS (fill in other words here if you want) it’s the most awesome toppings from Sanderson and they are all natural and she sent me like FIVE FRIGGIN’ flavors:  Swiss Dark Fudge, Cinnamon Pear, Milk Chocolate Hot Fudge, Bittersweet Fudge, and Butterscotch & Carmel And I’m like, are they kidding me??  They are.  Ok, the lucky thing is I HAVE NOTHING IN THE HOUSE TO TOP.  Whew.  Saving grace.  Maybe.  Unless I take a tablespoon (50 Calories, 2 grams fat—not awful)—but I am really, really trying to get it right this time.
OK, on to dinner:  Chicken meatballs, salad, dressing on the side.  No kidding.  So here you have it:

Total Calories:  1,325  Carbs: 78g    Fat:  47g  Protein:  124 Oh yeah, plus one teaspoon (heaping) of Swiss Dark Fudge—50 Calories.  I couldn’t resist.

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