March 28th

Security in New York City…

OK, so Friday, I had to go to the dreaded dentist. Cleaning, filling and all. I don’t know about you, but the sound of that high pitched drill in my ear? Well, it certainly ain’t somethin’ I look forward to. Hey, come to think of it, didn’t that shit in Marathon Man torture Dustin Hoffman with a dentist’s tool? So, do they really think, do they really TRULY think, a terrorist is going to come into a tall building in Rockefeller Center, disguised as a curly haired, eye glass toting, neurotic female woman, and say: “I have a dental appointment with Dr. Levin?” Yeah, I don’t think so either. So why do they insist on asking for my ID? Like, um, I’m going to blow up Dr. Levin’s office anyway, but you can have my ID so you can know exactly who pulled the trigger? Or, is this just a way to keep unemployment levels down and annoyance levels up?

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