March 17th

Rotten Little Nanner

Poor little banana sitting on the shelf
Poor rotten banana, sitting by himself.

I don’t know why I buy them,
For they stay there all alone,
Waiting to be eaten,
Next to the telephone.

I buy them almost weekly,
When they are bright and yellow,
But then I never eat them all,
And they turn brown and mellow.

It must be instinct deep inside,
That makes me want to get them,
However when I bring them home,
I never fail to forget them.

And then I finally see the truth.
Poor brown and mushy nanner,
I think about making bread,
But that’s not in my manner.

So I finally throw them out,
Although it pains me deep,
To go through wasting them again,
I pray their souls to keep.

Monday morning rolls around,
And I see those sunny fruit.
The fruit stands they are all abound.
Waiting for my loot.

I know I should buy only one,
But they are 5 per buck.
And though I’m doomed to repeat the past,
I just say: “what the fooey”.

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