March 18th

Popcorn Lung, Smog and David Paterson

OK, something that freaks me out even more than the media frenzy around Elliot Spitzer? (Do I really care who he screwed?) POPCORN LUNG. So here I thought I was doing something good for myself, something that was only 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 calories ( I can NEVER figure out that God Damn nutrition information on the back of the box, can you? I mean, who the hell eats 2 tablespoons of unpopped popcorn?–Here’s my math: 1 Cup = 20 Calories, 12.5 x 20 = 250 Calories/Bag. But what about the kernels that don’t pop? Can I eliminate those calories? Listen, I flunked algebra, leave me alone)

And now, NOW I find out that I can actually get some type of fatal disease called Popcorn Lung if I smell the stuff. So eat, but don’t smell? Now I have one more thing to tell Bella not to sniff: Hey, DON’T sniff glue, spray cans, AND POPCORN? Oh hell, what’s the difference…we’ve lived on Lexington Avenue for 14 years, and the window sills are black, before that Los Angeles, the city where air is 100 times too unsafe to breathe. So, in the end, you live, you breathe, you die. Of something. Maybe for me, Popcorn Lung.

Well, at any rate, thank you Governor Paterson for telling the world that you AND your wife both committed infidelity. Maybe now the press will really have something to talk about. Oh, wait a minute. You didn’t pay for it. Or does that come out later? Don’t keep us in suspense.



Fumes from a fresh bag of microwavable popcorn may be harmful to inhale, according to a study led by a GW professor. The main component in butter flavored popcorn, diacetyl, causes “deadly, irreversible lung disease,” said David Michaels, a research professor of environmental occupational health. The fumes from diacetyl are released when the popcorn is heated. The Medical Story Here

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