April 22nd

Paris Hilton Sighting

I had to go to THE IVY while in LA. Ok, I didn’t have to, but I figured Bella’d get a kick out of the celeb hot spot. (I didn’t realize that 2 salads and $90 later…)paps.JPG

The Paps were out. THEN I remembered. Yesterday, when I walked over to make my res, I saw John McCain’s name in the book. JOHN MCCAIN was in there. I was as giddy as the first time I made out with Dave Anish at my first makeout party, before I realized French kissing is an acquired taste.

“Mom, you’re NOT going to pose with him ARE YOU?” OF COURSE. “But you HATE him!” So what? Why should that matter?

But it wasn’t John, it was PARIS. And THERE SHE WAS with Joel or Billy or Billy Joel or whatever his name was. I whipped out the cannon. “I’m sorry, no photo taking,” scolded the matre’d. Shit. Caught. Embarrassed, I slipped my camera in my bag but not before a Pap saw. “Look out, tourist coming through, “yelled the Pap. FUCK YOU!

Well, since the camera wasn’t allowed, I figured I would SNEAK a few photos so you could get a feel:



And, she PEED here:


God DAMN those paps are a pain in the ass. larathestar.JPG

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