December 27th

A few more awesome snow pics

Take that, Hawaii.

December 27th

Silent snow…

First time in NY so silent, even the snowplows are quiet.  Click for whole image.

December 21st

Is it Really Christmas in Florida too?

Twas the night before Christmas
and down here in Boca,
I was sitting at Starbucks,
Drinking my mocha.

I know we’re all Jewish,
But was wondering still,
if Santa would come here
and give us a thrill.

On my way home,
no Christmas lights did I see,
on the houses, the windows,
not even the trees.

What a strange feeling.
Not a decoration in sight.
Was it really December
or a warm summer’s night?

The restaurants were busy,
Christmas dinners not planned.
Never, not down here
in warm Boca Land.

At home all was quiet.
I left out Kosher wine,
In case Santa came here
For the very first time.

Snoozing came easy
To me Christmas Eve.
Not waiting for presents
That Santa might leave

Then all of a sudden
He pulled up in his Jag,
With a sack full of presents
Each sporting a tag.

Oh Bloomies, oh Saks
Computers and more.
He knows where to shop,
We DO the same stores!

He asked for some lox,
Some bagels and jelly.
He said that he came
To fill up his belly!

“Oh blintzes! Oh kasha!
He said with a smile
For farfel ,and latkes
I’ve come quite a mile”

He ate all the goodies,
Ruggela en mass
When he finally arose, he moaned,
“Oy such bad gas!”

“But a long night’s ahead,
And I want you to know.
From Boca I leave for
New York and the snow.”

What a great night
I thought with a sigh.
That jolly old Santa
Is such a nice guy.

As I cleared off the table
I heard with delight
“Shalom to you all,
and OY-VEY what a night!!
(Author Unknown)

December 20th

I am not the only one who doesn’t like snow!

December 5th

Feuding trees

It’s that time of year again folks, and, sorry for re-blogging, but there it is in all it’s GLORY, Menorah Ginormo.  So, while there is no tree yet, I am sure that this and the two other menorahs on the concierge desk in my apartment building should make all those religious ones very happy, that once again, us Jews were not left behind the eight ball on East 31st. Street.

First Posted:  December 9, 2009

There it is, in black and white (really color) but alas, today, I walked into my building and Christmas had arrived. Or shall I say Hanukah? In a big way. And I mean REALLY big. So, I say to the doorman “what the F*ck is that ginnormous OUTDOOR menorah doing in the lobby?” And he’s like, well apparently there were some complaints that Hanukah was under represented. And I’m like, “it’s supposed to be. Judiasm is about subtlety. Jeez louise”. And at that very moment, one of my brethren stopped by after a glance at the Menorah Tree and gleefully exclaimed, “it’s about time!”.

What is this world coming to?

November 29th

New Weightwatchers Point Values! Woo hoo.

So today Weight Watchers released the New and Improved Weight Watchers point values.  So, first, I log and and GUESS WHAT?  I am sooo happy.  I go from a measly 22 points per day to twenty whopping NINE points and I am like psyched.  And most importantly, most very importantly is the fact that all fruits and vegetables are ZERO points.  Did you HEAR ME WORLD???? ZERO FRIGGIN’ points.  I am so happy if I were a dog my tail would be wagging so hard, my body would fall off.

But wait.  Wait a gosh darn minute.  What’s that you say??  FERMENTED fruit, as in fruit of the VINE doesn’t COUNT as a fruit?  What the… I rapidly log in to my account and look up WINE.  The world starts to spin.  Faster and faster.  A glass of wine is now FOUR POINTS!! FOUR points?  Up from TWO? Are you KIDDING ME??    (Yes, that was all cap worthy)  Is this the god damn prohibition starting all over? (OK, so I watch a little too much HBO).  You, Weight Watchers team are telling me I can have 20 bananas today, and sit all day on the pot without avail tomorrow  and use ZERO POINTS.  But one teensy weensy glass of red wine is FOUR, count ‘em FOUR points?

Well, OK.  I guess you guys know what you are doing.  But at this time I recall to memory a brief conversation I had with Jean Neiditch (Weight Watchers loving founder) two years ago.  She said to me, (in a very nasel, Queens accent–heavier than Leah Remini if you can picture), “points, it’s all so complicated now.  When I started Weight Watchers I said here are the foods you CAN eat, and here are the foods you CAN’T eat. And that was my diet.”  And I’m like, as long as wine is on that list, I’m with you.  Wait, was it?

October 27th

Boo versus Obama

Am I the only one that found Boo more interesting than the Obama/Jon Steward interview tonight?

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