June 21st

Oprah’s Detox Diet: Lara’s Journey, Day I

So last month Oprah announced she was going on a Vegan Detox diet, and I thought why the fuck not? I mean, if Oprah can do it, (and I am not as much as a food addict as she is) why can’t I? A few years back I went on a similar (but not Vegan) diet for 2 months and I felt AWESOME. So, I am blogging about day one. Mine’s a little modified– I’m thinking I’ll do OK with no wheat, no sugar, no alcohol– after all that birthday binging on Wednesday.

MORNING: My usual cup of Dannon Coffee yogurt and raisins, and Yogi Peach Detox tea. So far so good. By 11AM, however, I am STARVING and want to grab a piece of that LOG HOUSE sweet toast ’cause about 10 boxed samples are sitting on my desk. I repeat my mantra: you are cleansing, you are cleansing. But by 12 I am out of my mind and go run for a salad.

LUNCH: Large salad filled with veggies and chopped chicken, vinegar salad dressing. I feel full and satisfied. Made it through the morning with NO SNACKS!!

3PM: The vibrations of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…come crashing into my peaceful serenity (I sit right next to the company cafeteria where such celebrations are held.) Gosh, time for a break and what’s the harm in looking? And I want to wish the birthday person felicitations, correct? I mean after all, everyone came to my party. And there it was, a cherry cheese cake. Not my favorite. No chocolate. I can easily pass this up.

4PM: Ladies room run. Through the kitchen. And it’s gone. Almost gone. Almost. But it’s cheesecake. What’s one forkful? Doesn’t cheesecake have cheese, milk, and eggs? All protein. Almost. So what’s two forkfuls? Three? STOP!! I did.

7:30: DINNER: Tonight’s my real birthday celebration cause after all, Wednesday was a school night right? So we get to Dos Caminos which has tons of healthy food. Guacamole (avocado has LOADS of antioxidants, doncha know), and they even go so far as to have Prickly Pear marguaritas. Studies show that prickly pear cactus can protect the immune system and prevent oxidative stress by acting as a scavenger of free radicles. Its’ antioxidant action will help protect cells and organs. This detox isn’t so bad!

10:00 AFTER DINNER: I’ll admit I’m feeling a little full from all the antioxidants I have consumed, so we all decide to take a stroll down 50th street to work some off. By chance, we come upon a new restaurant called Islero and we start talking to the very nice (and hot) restaurant owners. We hear all about the food, which sounds fantastic even at this point of my detox, and they insist upon giving us some samples of their desserts. How could I insult these nice men who were insisting? Besides, Bella and her friend (who are both 15 and are not detoxing) really wanted dessert. So we sit down at this very cute eatery and are served more… antioxidants. Who knew there were so many out there? Churros with Hot Spicy Chocolate, Gacilian Cheesecake with Mango Puree, and Carmelized Maple and Pear Flan. Definitely coming back to Islero for some more healthy food.

SUMMARY DAY I: I think I did pretty good, considering all the healthy foods I consumed. Alright, I admit I might have gone a little outside the boundaries of what most people would call a detox plan. But did you read the last day blog of Oprah’s? I mean, she’s like a starving rat on a sinking ship. She’s just waiting for the sun to go down so she can have a glass of Bordeaux 82. At $2400 a bottle, that’s not a bad way to end a detox. And for now, I will just end this post with Oprah’s learnings: “I will forever be a more cautious and conscious eater. That’s my commitment for now. To stay awakened. Because reading about it is just as good as doing it. Doncha think?

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