June 2nd

Obama’s date

So, I know I am going to be a bit unpopular here, but I’m really NOT TOO HAPPY about Obama’s choice to spend at least $25,000 of my tax dollars, and actually, hundreds of thousands more on his lavish date with Michelle this Saturday. Yes, yes, I KNOW he promised her that after it was all over, he would take her for a night on the town in the big dirty apple. But really, in these economic times, couldn’t he have promised to take out the trash? Get her some nice jewelry? Pick up puppy poop? There are so many other ways that he could have shown his affection rather than spending MY money to take his wife on a date. Hmmm. I know. I’m going to ask him to return the favor. The next time my imaginary boyfriend asks me what I want to do, I’m going to tell him to ask Barack for some ideas.

P.S. I loved Michelle’s dress though, didn’t you?

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