November 15th

New York or LA: worst place to raise a teenage daughter

It’s been ages and ages I know. But that’s what happens when you become a CEO, little did I know, you become a slave to your business. At first, I was like, no more frowns in the morning, no more frowns at night. Because I work for myself, no one left to fight. Hmmmm. Something like that. Well anyway, I diverge from the topic which, was brought up because, one of my fav shows (Californication–if you haven’t watched it, you should ) has a dilemma…his baby mama (let’s say teenage daughter mama) has moved from glorious Venice beach to have some kind of career, where? Back in the big dirty apple. And last week’s episode was like: “L.A. is no place to raise a teenager.” And I’m like, “so, um, what, you’re taking her back to New York? Are you f’ing KIDDING me?” How do these script writers come up with this stuff and now I’m like, OK, maybe I’m over reacting here, and maybe NY IS better. So, I drew up this little pro and con list of the best versus west in terms of raising a teen:

Answers, btw, were supplied by several teenage daughters on either side of these great divided states. So there you have it, moms and dads. Both coasts are…equally bad. So now a quiz:

On which coast was this muchacha raised?

That was actually a rhetorical question. But a girl after my own heart. I’ll give you a hint. It ain’t where you think.



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