July 14th

New York Lotto: $88 Million

So, what would I do if I win? I pondered.

  • Stop working, start writing. A lot. Make millions more on fantastic screenplay.
  • Buy a pent house, a country house, a villa in Italy and the South of France, a Ski Condo…somewhere
  • Buy a boat
  • Send Bella to private school
  • Travel. First class. In my own private jet
  • Hire a masseuse. To live with me. On call at all times.
  • Hire a chef, a personal trainer, a body guard, a chauffeur, a shrink.
  • Buy a Porsche–convertible.
  • Give my family some dinero so they’d never have to worry again.
  • Start a foundation for a children’s charity. An animal charity. and disease research–not necessarily in that order.
  • Donate time in a third world country. With lots of bug repellent. And bottled water.
  • Hire a husband. Or something like that.

There. That’s my list. Hmmmm. Maybe life would be boring.,, Wouldn’t it? What’s your list? You can pick more than one!

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