January 1st

Losing weight

Ok, so like the rest of the world, today is the day.  I am going to start the rest of my life…and my diet.  Last night was a gluttony of wine, cheese and chocolate and  funny doggy stories (sorry my life isn’t more interesting–at Bella’s request we took Chloe to my friend’s New Year’s soiree where Chloe proceeded to  terrorize the other dog by growling everytime he walked by, and then ended up in his crate because she needed some peace and quiet)–oh well, back to THE DIET.  I got on the scale and it tips it TEN FRIGGIN’ POUNDS heavier than last year at this time–AND for the first 8 months I WORKED FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS.  (I didn’t say I was ON Weightwatchers — just that I WORKED there).  You would think that someone who was as food and health conscious as I am would lose the damn weight and keep it off, the only problem is that I am conscious–of the food going into my mouth.  So here it is.  This time I am going to try Spark People…just for a little variation.  Problem is, I can’t figure out how many calories I need (or NOT) to lose the weight.

So here it goes… the Weight Loss Journey #425– the number of times I’ve tried to lose those 10 pounds (well now it’s really 13, but who’s counting??)  And I will go from this:

To this — and maybe, just maybe, the blond hair will come along with it!

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