August 24th

Lara’s not so lousy vacation: Day 2

Vacation is supposed to be a time where you figure out what you want to do with your life. And I figured it out. I like, no LOVE just to talk. To people. About anything. So today I spend about an hour talking to this antique dealer, in her roasting oven store (no AC) about distressing the beautiful 1930’s mahogany dining room set that she was selling for $650 (and couldn’t give it away–if only I had the space for God Sakes SOMEONE buy it!), and about how bad things were in Newport for all the merchants, and about how to build a website (had to figure some business out of this). Then I spent the next two hours talking to another woman who ran a restaurant about her ex (who was a shit and she dumped him) and I realized that I better start my vacation. And so I did. This is where I ate lunch:

And this is what I had for lunch:

And this is what I had for dessert.

Then I walked. And walked. And walked. Not bad for day two. If you like to talk. And eat.

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