March 13th

Lara’s Love Life: Part I

Lara: Men suck, then they kill you. (Of course there are exceptions to that rule, just gotta go through many frogs)

Bella: That’s sad.
Lara: It is, isn’t it?
Bella: That’s why I’m sticking with Jay from DeGrassi.
Lara: But isn’t he a character in a TV show?
Bella: Yes, he’s the bad boy.
Lara: Maybe he’s nice in real life.
Bella: He is, that’s why I don’t like him in real life. I’m starting the bad boy trend. I’ll stick to the 2D character.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so they say. Most of my serious relationships, well, they didn’t turn out too good. Last, there was Bella’s Dad (who I left when Bella was 5 months old)– the bi-polar man that I didn’t know was bi-polar until this week–15 years later, when he told Bella, that he was bi-polar, but I should have seen the signs, which I did, but ignored because I was crazy about him, ( maybe crazy in general), especially when he told me on our second play rehearsal (NEVER DATE SCENE PARTNERS –although that did work out for Jenna Elfman) that his father took a shotgun and killed himself, and that there were many times he didn’t care if he died either, but the more sure sign was when he got over the edge angry at me when I was 9 months pregnant because I wanted him to come to my Passover sedar —he was atheist, and didn’t believe.

Unfortunately, the first SOB I loved didn’t work out either, because he WAS an SOB and I was smarter in those days and wouldn’t put up with that shit. But he went on to be a high, power, multimillionaire New York lawyer and is now in the throws of divorce with his wife who is getting at least $10 million. Yes I would have been miserable for 20 years, but I would have been rich and miserable, instead of poor and miserable—and his kid is in therapy anyway so what difference would have it made? But then, I didn’t take that ad sales job at GOOGLE either in 2001 because I thought selling key words with be the most boring job EVER and instead stuck it out at another dot com winner who’s options I got at $6 eventually turned into .50 when it was finally bought out by another company after declaring bankruptcy. Although, I did make the $1500 that I used to help me build this website, which I hope will make me millions so perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, logic dictates that the tree grows pretty near where the apple falls. And perhaps, this relationship will be the one. And he’s not perfect, I realize that. He may be a little far away, and he may be a bit of a bad boy. But I think this time, I chose right. He’s kind, generous, great with animals and kids (he has two). And hopefully me.


So what’s a little cathode tube between me and true love?

P.S. If you’re waiting for Part II…you may not want to hold your breath. I’m done.

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On March 21st, 2008 at 9:41 pm, admin said:

I agree. He is hot.

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