January 23rd

Lara’s Lousy Movie Review: Company Men

So I gotta say, usually I am not running to anything with Ben Afleck in it.  I am not sure how he and Matt Damon got so paired up, because in terms of acting, Ben can’t hold a candle to Matt, much less a movie role, but he is adorable, in an annoying Boston accent kind of way.  (But I do want to know, why all of Ben’s movie’s of late those put on South B. accents?  I go there all the time and have yet to hear anyone say pak the ca in the ga– well what ever.)  Back to the Company Men. 

I decide to go see it because of all the THUMBS UP on 777film, and well, I’m sorry, I end up sitting through 2 hours of an incredibly boring, sappy, bullshit formula movie. Ben. Not so surprised. But Tommy Lee, what were you thinking??  Spoiler alert.  Ben loses job (but still keeps his $850,000 house, Porche and Golf Club Membership)  After 12 years, he only gets 3 months severance.  (Nothing is stated about unemployment benefits.) So after his benefits run out, he is screwed because apparently he has absolutely no savings.  So after they sell the house, the Porche and the son’s X-Box, they STILL end up moving in with Ben’s parents.  Then Ben takes a job with his brother in law who he hates, but now likes, who is Kevin Costner (still incredibly hot)

I am really, really sorry, but REALLY?  You don’t have enough money for an apartment?  OK, well, if you are still following here, there are constant voice overs on the radio about what the president is doing to bail out the banks, and somewhere in here we find out that the owner Ben’s ex-company makes $20 million (yes he started and built the company and wants to keep his $ millions even though he has to lay off about 8000 people to do it–even his best friend, Tommy Lee Jones).  Somewhere in there is also a suicide because another guy decided he couldn’t afford to send his daughter to Brown anymore, and so of course she would much rather get his life insurance than quit Brown. 

Get my drift?  In the end, Tommy Lee starts another perfect company and hires back a few hundred of the people his ex-partner has laid off.  The end.  Except I can’t figure out if Tommy Lee continues the affair he was having with the 40 years younger blond HR women who fired everyone in the first place.

So, I am thinking, political mover and shaker that he is, Ben should start taking some of the millions (he earned $37 million last year) and start giving to all the unemployed auto workers, so they can start their own company.  Ship building?  Not so much.

Oh yeah, and if there is ANYTHING that I took away from this movie…it’s that I ain’t ever working for no one again.  Catch my drift?

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