February 13th

Jennifer Aniston + Adam Sandler versus Justin Bieber

So I admit, nothing to do Saturday night, and I ain’t got nobody so what else but to go to a sappy love story with Jennifer Aniston (who’s gritted mouth when she pronounces some words is really annoying– is that a disability?) and Adam Sandler (who I really loved in Spanglish and 100 First Dates– but those were like a LONG time ago). Well, I was not disappointed– the critics were right. In fact I was really surprised that both Jennifer and Adam would sink so low after some really great work. I guess Jennifer is like me, just trying to keep busy after a boring romantic life. And now that I know Adam is desparate for work, perhaps he’ll take a look at my script? (Yes, I know, I am a CEO but I’m really good at multi-tasking).

Anyway, so the movie is out at 10 and I am walking by the other theaters as I exit and it just so happens that the Justin Bieber movie has just started. And I got that urge to just slip in and see two for the price of one. And you know what? That movie blew me away! This kid is scary talented and wow. The story of his rocketship to fame is just unfathomable–YouTube to Madison Square Garden in what, like under 3 years? But aside from that, (and, yes, you can laugh at me), his music was good (no I am not downloading anytime), his dancing rocks, and it was a truly enjoyable movie. And maybe, just maybe, I was another mom in the audience comparing him to my own kid, and wanting for her to find that same passion in life that Justin found–at the young age of two.

See it. Let me know.

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