June 18th

It’s Not How You Slice The Cake…

…it’s how many pieces you can get out of it. So today was my birthday, and there was a big old surprise German Chocolate cake, and you know how I despise chocolate. But anyway, there was a HUGE group of people for this well, large, but not large enough cake. (It’s not that I’m that popular, it’s just that when there’s cake, there’s a crowd because people at my office are so tired of eating, living and breathing health food all day long, that they are like drug addicts in Needle Park. ) Naturally, I did what my grandmother and my aunt always did …I cut a huge circle in the middle, which evoked exclamations such as “um, what the hell are you doing to that cake LARA?? And I’m like, er, I’m trying to get enough pieces to feed you all, you friggin’ freeloading cake hogs. (I didn’t exactly say that, but a reasonable enough facismile .)

So, I was just curious, what do you all do when there is cake, just not enough to go around by traditional methods?

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On June 19th, 2008 at 8:02 am, alex0103 said:

Why comment when you can just take the poll, duh

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