July 30th

The end of the world?

What happens if there’s no cell phones,
If Blackberries disappear,
If texting becomes extinct,
If no iPhones launch this year?

What happens if Facebook vanishes,
If Google goes away,
If the AIM man went a running,
If Yahoo went out to play?

What happens if all viruses
Were Just colds, or aches and flus?
Or if everyone who tweeted,
All share the exact same views?

What happens if suddenly,
All laptops start to freeze,
If all MACs had a heart attack,
If all PC hard drives seize?

What happens if forever,
Explorer vanishes from sight.
If Mozilla just stops working,
And Safari gives up the fight.

If your email no longer delivers,
If the fax no longer rings,
If your Wii can not be charged,
If your ipod no longer sings?

Do you think that dawn would come again,
Or that we could still survive?
If our virtual world came crashing down.
Would we all still be alive?

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On August 4th, 2009 at 9:29 pm, Heather said:

Yes, except a whole lot of people are making a few $billion that way. That and burping.

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