December 9th

Inspired flounder- Lara’s cooked twice this week. Low cal, low fat.

Yes, it’s true. Twice in one week– I actually cooked dinner and Bella actually liked it. And you must, MUST get this Balsamic Vinegar Glaze. There is NOTHING like it. Trouble is, I got it at the Fancy Food show in NY and have no idea where it’s sold. But, on the other hand, the fish is still good without it… just not as special.

Ok, so here’s the recipe –shocked are we? (make sure you add garlic to butter and brown slightly. I left it out of the recipe builder and it doesn’t let you edit.  Grrrr)

…and here’s the pic. OK, it’s a Google pic, so shoot me–it’s just missing the Balsamic Glaze, but added lemon zest. In the meantime, still delish. Oh yeah, I did cook veggies, just not brocoli rabe.

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