August 22nd

How much are these jeans, or: being self employed is fantastic!

So, as most of you know (or many of you), last Monday marked my first day as an entrepreneur. That means, I now work for myself. A mid-sized corporation consisting of me, myself and I. And what better way grow that corporation, than to look big, act big and dress big. Which means, a short trip to Bergdorf Goodman.

After an hour of hunting around for some entrepreneurial bargains, and finding none to my satisfaction, I stumble upon, gladness of gladness, these jeans.

And I’m like, “just look at this detail!”

So I try them on, because I just have to have them, not bothering with price. And they fit, well they fit me like I’m a big corporation, so I know in this digital world, I just have to have them. Otherwise, corporate failure. So I go to ring them up and the saleswoman tells me the price. Just take a guess internet, just one guess.

Well anyhow, if you want to see the price, HERE IT IS. I’ll let you figure out if they are hanging in my closet right now.

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