August 3rd

Gym etiquette, or, for Godsakes, man!

To all you dudes that need to wear a big honking towel around your neck to keep the sweat from dripping off, please do NOT wear a shirt that exposes your pits when you are in a very small gym with equipment right on top of each other. Because if you sweat like a pig, guess what you smell like? (Except for the fact that I don’t really know what pigs smell like because I’ve never spent a single minute next to one, and I am making assumptions that I am sure all the animal activists will be up in arms about.) But I think you get my drift. Because, it takes me a whole lot of motivation to get off my ass, go to the gym (after 6 weeks of laziness), finally get on the elipitcal and when I finally do make it there, the last thing I want to be doing is smell my own pits, because for the life of me I could have sworn that I put deodorant (yes, I did) only to realize, that I will now have to suffer with the fact that for some friggin’ reason you thought that the gym attire you decided to wear would get you a whole bevy of lasses. Either that, or your cleaning lady hasn’t come for 2 months and it’s the only thing you have left to wear.

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