February 9th

French fries and snow…just go with me here


So, tonight I go into the local restaurant and I sit by my solitary, drinking my glass of sparkling Shiraz (delish) and veggie burger salad very proud and all that despite the fact I am still busting out of my jeans from this weekend’s gluttony. (yeah, yeah, I know, Spark People and all that, but whatever) and I notice that right next to me is this girl with a ginormous plate of fries and she is NOT eating them. And I’m all, “so impressed that you are not eating your fries.” And we both agree that with the on-coming Nor’ Easter, that we should sure as shit eat those fries because we need a top blubber layer to protect us from the cold. And then I’m like, “can you believe they canceled school already? Like the snow MAY or MAY NOT come, but in my day, we didn’t find out about it until we were actually 1 foot under.” And she’s like YEAH. And I say, and also, we never got one full week off for President’s Day. What’s with that? And, a week off for exams? Like when do these kids ever GO to school? No wonder everyone is bored and getting high. And she’s like, “yeah, ME NEITHER! Want my fries? And I’m like, “thanks, but I’m on a diet”. And she’s like, “me too”. So the waiter comes and takes the fries, all brown and crisp and removes them to somewhere else and I walk out wondering if I have enough blubber to protect me against the snow that’s starting to fall.

Make sense, or is it just the Shiraz?

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