April 13th

Facebook: The Rules

Do, I but you never read them, those multi-page, impossible to understand TERMS AND AGREEMENT on Facebook, didja? Nope. Didn’t think so. Cause I didn’t either. Like, who DOES? But, if you had, like if I HAD, then perhaps I wouldn’t have spent the next 5 days rebuilding all my friends in Facebook. Like, for example, you CAN’T start a profile about YOUR business and then proceed to FRIEND people to drive traffic to your business. Nope. You can’t do that. And, don’t, for God’s sakes, ever, never, ever, try to start a new facebook and assign your old email address to that. If you do, do you know what happens? Your old page disappears. FOREVER. It’s NOT deactivating, as so many friends have told me I have done. It is DELETING. Buh, bye. Nada. Gone. And then you:

1) Lose the NEW Facebook you were trying to build — it’s against the rules.

2) Lose the OLD Facebook that took you two years to build. It’s against their code.

So, go figure. I am telling you all this, so you can save yourself the same mistake I had. I need this like I needed a Facebook account.


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