September 22nd

Facebook, et al

So, the question of the night is, should I really be blogging when my computer is doing a disk cleanup? Probably not. But the bigger question is, what does it mean to be popular today? And do I really care? It’s like, Friday, when I was sitting at my cube (yes, I STILL SIT IN A FRIGGIN’ CUBE SO SUE ME), and there they went. The popular kids. I mean, those folks who everybody likes. Or pretends to like. Laughing and giggling. Like THEY have a big secret that they are sharing amongst themselves and the rest of us are too lowly to hear it. But they’re probably just laughing about the fact that they say they are voting OBAMA when it’s really McCAIN. We have sure got them fooled, don’t we? Hehehehehe. I stare. I glare. Shut the fuck up. Somebody’s got to do some work around here.

Well, anyway, back to popularity. So Bella’s all excited because she can’t believe that her mother has a FACEBOOK account. And neither can I, actually. I started it because my clients who are all half my age are on there, and well, who wants THEM to know I am half their age. So, I signed up. With a lousy photo of myself. And then, I started inviting friends. And THEN I noticed, so many people in the network are MY AGE, and are professionals. At a fairly high level. Yeah, but I know their tricks. Like me, they want to be young again, part of the “in crowd”. Will high school EVER END?? My list starts growing and GROWING. Everyone I ask to be my friend says: “yes!”. ‘ Cause they want to be popular too. And then, I find people I haven’t seen in YEARS. And they find me. And I notice, THEY have much nicer photos. So, I get a little more into it, and post some better photos. And lo and behold…I have 106 friends. There. I did it. I climbed Mount Everest. I reached over 100. And then I look at Bella’s Facebook. 750 friends. I am dashed. Then I check. The popular kids have way over 100 friends. I am depressed.

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