March 23rd

Electronics Shopping, Food and More…Find it all at B&H

If you don’t know what B&H is, you’ve never bought or thought of buying a TV, Video Camera, Digital Camera, Sound Equipment, Recording Equipment, Computer Equipment or any other type of equipment that you can think of that plugs into a wall. (Or you don’t live in Manhattan.)

See this line?


It’s not to buy something, order something, or even ask for help. It’s the line for a little free nosh*. Yep. The pretzels, drinks and candies, are always there and are always free.


In fact, it’s the biggest line in the store. Always. And the candy bowls are on every counter. And it must work, because B&H is like no store I’ve ever gone into. It is NEVER, ever not crammed with people. You can’t compare it to Best Buy, J&R, CompUSA, Radio Shack, or even Walmart.

Forget the market research. Every good Jewish mother knows, a full tummy is a happy tummy. A happy tummy, feels happy about pulling out a wallet and dropping a few grand for that new LCD you’ve been wanted. And if you’re gonna spent it, you might as well enjoy your time in line. Cause the lines are long, but you won’t go hungry (and the prices aren’t bad either!) Could be, we can all learn a little something about customer service here. A little nosh, goes a long way. A long, long way. All the way to the bank. Everyone who leaves this store, leaves with a package….


…Including me. Butterscotch, anyone?


*Wikipedia: Nosh—A snack, between meals, to help stave off hunger, so you can shop for a few more hours, and spend a few thousand more.

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