May 29th

Did Aliens Take Her?

Where did she go?
That plump little baby that chewed on her toes.
My, oh my, oh where did she go?
The one who blew bubbles and built men out of snow.

She seems to have fled, right out of my head.
And into her room, an alien instead.
Someone who’s feelings I must lightly tread.
Lest I keep banging the wall on my head.

Her clothes are all scattered,
her tears they do shatter,
the boys they all flatter,
her music clatters,
her makeup splatters.

Getting through this moment is very tough
could not imagine it would be this rough,
Did YOU know all about this stuff?
Compared to this, terrible twos were marshmallow fluff.

Will I look back on this time and say,
Whatever happened to all THOSE days?
Or will I just wonder why I didn’t run away?
Dear God help me through, however I may.

Even if it means that I yell and shout,
Or demand to know “where are you going?” Whenever she goes out.
If I don’t collapse first and then freak out.
The aliens will return Bella, of that, I have almost …no doubt.


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