August 28th

Day 5, Part II: Gluttony in Newport

So last night, while dining at the amazing Castle Hill, some guy from Chicago recommends this place near the beach, called Flos where you can get Clam Cakes, Chowdda and a Beer all for $5 while watching the surf . And after my the grueling hike, it’s just 5 minutes away. Then I get there and I see this line, Line Goes On and Onwhich reminds me of the line in NYC in front of the Shake Shack and I wonder if this is only because the food’s so cheap (but it’s really not because I want the Lobster roll which is $15 (but without mayo) and so I wait online for a good 1/2 hour since this is the local place and in the end, this is what I get. Lipitor anyone? And it’s just OK, but I’ve had the grease fill for a while–it’s something I had to do lest this day be any healthier than life in NY. Anyway, the Gluttony continued with the second Mansion tour. Gluttony of the Vanderbilt’s that is. Marble House was something to see—an $11 Million expenditure in the late 1800’s OH MY GOD, and they don’t let you take pictures but it was crazy how they lived. The good and the bad was that Alva Vanderbilt, though she forced her daughter to get married to some British Duke that needed her money, (and locked her in her bedroom lest she marry the man she was truly in love with—whom Alva threatened to kill) was also a fore-runner in the woman’s suffragette movement and believed in woman’s rights and all that.

But all this history made my head spin and my stomach grumble, so at 5:30, walking along Thames Street to get my family gifts, I just happened upon Cold Fusion Gelato which was outrageously delicious and I learned something new…Gelato is less fattening than ice cream. Fill me up. But the dish of Chocobrownie and somethingelseequallyrich had me thinking that my dinner reservation wasn’t going to happen because by now I really don’t even need dinner, not even if it is my last night. Well, I can waste a whole lot of time discussing what happened between that thought and now, but I did end up dragging myself to Scales and Shells (at 9:30 just before closing) and I have to tell you…well let pictures speak for themselves.It was melt in your mouth fish –fish for people who don’t like fish and add to that the hot staff, and the story behind the fish (ever watch Swords on TLC?? Well, I ATE swordfish from one of those boats—I just can’t really believe that people still do that, like risk their lives for a bit of fish—it brought a tear to my eye, not only for the fish but the poor fishermen (isn’t that what cattle in Montana are for?), but anyway, I am glad they did and I really have to say, some way I am coming back soon even if it is just to pick up my Mastercard that I left at Castle Hill last night (THAT my friends, is another tale.)

Note:Swordboat, fresh fish, hot guys, hot NICE guys and mouth watering food.


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