August 26th

Day 3: continued…

Well, Phyliss, not being much help, and not wanting to go the MANSIONS that everyone is raving about because I couldn’t imagine being inside when the whole bleeping summer it’s been raining and today is hot and sunny.  And I guess they can be pretty spectacular…if you want to see how all the rich and very very rich and famous lived.  But it’s like, if I can’t ever get that in my life, why the HELL do I want to drool over someone else’s lavish lifestyle?  (Except of course, now that I am a CEO, I assume that it will soon be in reach).  But anyhow, I get into the trusty automobile (which, is nearly antique) and well, the brake light goes on –no NOT the emergency brake, I do know enough about that for godsakes.  So, my car helped planned my day (at least it’s not inside)and I went to find a brake place,  except it’s way out of town and I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with Newport’s only construction site.  And I keep looking at the brake light, hoping it doesn’t mean that my new brakes are failing because then I will really kill the son of a bitch who charged me $800 to repair (yes I know I was ripped off).  But anyway, I find, with the help of some very nice and hot Newport cop, the brake place and I pull up and guess what?  The light goes off and NOTHING appears wrong.  So I ask the very nice attendant how to get back to town and could he tell me a way that would by pass the traffic.  And he’s like, yes.  And I’m like, no you don’t understand, I have a direction disability and I get lost no matter what.  And he says “you WON’T get lost.  I’m like that too “(and I’m thinking but YOU live here!) So he gives me directions and of course, I go around and  around the traffic circle because I kept taking the wrong turns, but finally, unbelieveably, I am BACK in downtown Newport and THAT only took an hour and a half. 

I finally decide to go sailing in the bay on a boat called THE ADIRONDACK II (because her sister ship is in the New York Harbor) but she is booked for a private sail all day –it figures.  But I take it all in stride and book some other ship, and end up sailing with her

and with him, which in case you can’t read it says, “Republican Party of Florida Fishing Trip”.
Which I guess is pretty apropos in Newport, right? But also, I see this:
and this:

And I think, except for that little twinge of nausea, today’s been a pretty good day.

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