October 2nd

David Letterman and the top 10 signs it’s a world gone mad

10: Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper/rapist might be found as not “fit for trial” and therefore who knows if he will get the punishment he deserves.

9. Another horrible criminal case: Casey Anthony’s attorney found crucial evidence tainted and is asking for the murder charges to be dropped.

8. Americans are more upset about the fact that Chicago did not get the Olympics than the fact the Obama didn’t make good headway in Iran.

7. Women actually had SEX with David Letterman. And it’s the front page news despite the other, more important news…like reasons 10-8.

6. People cheered him on his show when he admitted it.

5. If you were once the NY governor, and admitted you had sex with a prostitute, you may get kicked out of office, but you are also get to be on the Bill Mayer show to debate on HBO with others on how good/bad Obama is doing.

4. Bella took out the garbage the first time I asked.

3. Starbucks now has instant coffee and if they play their free taste test one more time, I will avoid them for the rest of the year.

2. I have made it through the week without a single glass of wine. Not one. And I didn’t miss it. Maybe because I was as sick as a dog? Who knows.

And the number one sign I know it’s a world gone mad??

1. I found a snuggie in my sisters house.

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