January 7th

Couple who accidentally won $128 million

Yes, this couple accidentally won $128 million.  And I have to tell you, I’ve accidentally done some things too.  But, um, I don’t think they are quite the same, do you?

Here’s my list of accidental things:

10)forgot take my makeup off at night and woke up with racoon eyes
9) ate an entire box of Godiva chocolates until they were gone
8) forgot to pay my Visa bill
7) forgot to pay my cable bill
6) forgot to pay my electric bill (see a pattern here?)
5) to close the window before I left for vacation right before hurricane Doreen struck
4) forgot to look behind my when I backed up the car and hit a gasoline pump.  Yes. I did that.
3) dropped my cell phone down the friggin’ toilet
2) forgot to get married
1) threw out my wallet with the old newspapers just after I cashed my paycheck.  Um yes, it was over $1000.

So, we all do things accidentally.  Some things just count more than others.



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