August 10th


So Bella has OCD. Or at least, what I think is OCD. Well, let’s put it this way. Anytime she gets one tiny pimple or two or five (and it’s really NEVER MORE than five), it is cause for alarm, consternation, and multiple trips to Duane Reade for Clearasil, or calls to the Dermatologist, and, at the very least, at least 40 conversations about the mountainous puss spewing dots upon her face, all within a 12 hour day. Which has caused me to drink at least one if not two or five glasses of white wine (haven’t been able to make the switch to red despite my numerous attempts.) In the meantime I told her that if she mentioned those goddamn pimples one more time , I was going to start chanting the Barucha’s, (in Hebrew) loudly, whether or not we were in public. Which I did. At least 5 times today, ending quite resonantly, and loudly with AAAAMMMEEENNNN. Which at times caused her to laugh, but the final time, caused her to tell me she was “GOING TO MY DAD’S” and I’m like, buh BYE! So, she throws her clothes all in a huff in her bag, and storms out the door to her father’s. (She did bring her toothbrush) And I sigh, thinking, it was almost a good day. And then, I find in her room this paper: Calm down Overcome, Problem solve, Invite, Negotiate, Go for it. And I thought, “I did a great job with that.” Amen.

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On September 1st, 2008 at 4:31 pm, Michelle said:

I started getting zits at the age of 26, which pissed me off and freaked me out so much that I became completely irrational. I would cancel plans with my husband 20 minutes prior to departure. I would order HUNDREDS of dollars worth of miracle cures which proved to be useless. I would drive towards work but then look in my rearview mirror, become devastated at the way my skin looked and then turn the car around while calling in sick.

Zits suck, mom. I know how she feels. I’m 35 and should have gotten the message about “inner beauty” years ago but as soon as my face began breaking out, I lost all ability to think clearly and see the bright side.

By the way, this may horrify you, but birth control pills are THE BEST way to keep your skin clear. I can’t remember how old you said Bella is but if she’s not too young, the pill could really help her out.

On September 16th, 2008 at 7:52 am, Lara said:

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the post! But, Bella is 15 and well, um, I don’t really believe in using hormones to help her face, but I do understand the horror of pimples. She has about 10 (now less) and it’s more of self image problems for her, than actual “acne”. I am hopeful that yours have cleared up, or that you’ve begun to realize you are loved for you, not your face. I too have my negative aspects (i.e. that roll around my gut that won’t come off–despite working for a friggin’ DIET WEBSITE) but somehow ( 2 glasses of wine later–probably why I have the damn roll in the first place) I get through it. That, and blogging. Cheers,

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