March 9th

Bush For A Third Term…And Why NOT?

Top Ten Reasons Why He is the BEST President Ever!

10) He did NOT cause a nuclear war.
9) He was not able to make abortion illegal.
8 ) He provided many comics with great material. If you haven’t already seen this, watch it now. It will make you pee in your pants. I did and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.
7) He did not ban TASTY DELITE even though God only knows what the hell is in this that makes 8 oz only 60 calories. If he had, we would have had an anorexic princess revolt.
6) He did not over turn Bloomberg’s ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. My lungs thank him.
5) He did not raise taxes on gasoline so I can continue driving my ’93 Lincoln and not go into bankruptcy. Or feel guilty about it because there really isn’t global warming.
4) He was very smart in hiring Cheney who earned $44 million dollars during his tenure at Halliburton, the world’s largest oil-and-gas-services company, so I don’t have to feel guilty or sorry that Mr. Bush will soon be unemployed. Cheney can support him.
3) He has not yet caught Osama Bin Laden. He has left that for our next president, so he/she will not be bored while in office.
2) He created the terror color code chart which gives us a vibrant way of being perpetually scared, without anything of substance behind the fear. Conveniently, the chart comes in handy whenever trailing on the polls.
1) AND # ONE…the most important and special thing that BUSH did while in office, was to make daylight savings time 5 weeks LONGER!!! Hurray for daylight!!!



Won’t you please vote for BUSH in 2008? I think if all of us banded together, we could get him in for a third term. Some other reasons that are worth an honorable mention:

- Spent over 166 billion dollars to blow up two third world countries that posed no threat to us.
- Has presided over the deaths of over 3000 US soldiers, and over 12,000 innocent Iraqi civilians.
- He has crafted policy that allows us to torture prisoners, regardless of their innocence, violating international law.
- Created the Clear Skies Initiative, which would completely overhaul the Clean Air Act, to reduce requirements of businesses that contribute to pollution. The data has been summarized as follows: “under Clear Skies sulfur dioxide pollution could increase 34 percent, mercury pollution could rise by up to 88 percent, and nitrogen oxides pollution could double”.
- Passed the Healthy Forests Initiative (No Tree Left Behind), which is a devious handout to the logging industry, which contributed over $14 million to political campaigns since 1999, with over 80 percent going to Republican lawmakers; President Bush has received more than $500,000. Healthy Forests is disguised as a fire prevention bill, which, you guessed it, solves the problem of forest fires by removing those pesky trees.
- Suspended the new arsenic-in-tap-water standard and right-to-know requirements, which compel water utilities to divulge their arsenic levels to their consumers. Interesting, remove the health restrictions, AND remove their accountability.
- The first net loss of jobs since Herbert Hoover. Yes, that Herbert Hoover from the Great Depression. Come on, it’s fun NOT TO WORK! And now there is an excuse!
- Has lost 1.8 million private sector jobs. (See above comment)
- Handed out tax breaks targeting the richest 1% of this country, who he affectionately refers to as his base.
- 3.7 million American families have lost their medical insurance under Bush. (Another reason to take your vitamins. STAY HEALTHY PEOPLE)

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