October 17th

Boyfriend Advice

So I just might not be the best advice giver to my teenage daughter. But ya can’t say it’s not for trying. Bella has, well, in the olden days you’d say it was a crush, on a boy, (older I might add) who may or may not like her but these days it’s hard to tell because, I’ve been told, teenagers don’t date (which I don’t get) but WHATEVA. And tonight, she was depressed because she can’t tell if he likes her or not. So me, being me, helped her make this list, on a napkin, which was made, after one very, very strong Cosmo (ok, I know that Sex in the City is over, but these are very, very dry and do indeed help on a Friday night to give advice to my very depressed teenager). And, in fact, it was also very helpful that we were eating dinner at the bar of an Irish pub, with a very Irish (and cute, I might add) bartender, who gave the following advice: “give him a compliment and the rest will follow.” And I’m like PERFECT. Tell him you like his running shoes, and you need a new pair. Ask him where he got them.” And she’s like, “his SNEAKERS have HOLES in them.” At this point, I’m like, “WHO THE FRIG CARES ABOUT THE HOLES, say SOMETHING!” In the end, she’s decided on a plan, and the plan is Monday morning, when she sees him in the hall, saying something cool, like: “hey, hey Spencer.” And I’m thinking Hey HEY Spencer??? After 2 hours of debate, lists, and bartender advice, we’ve boiled it down to Hey HEY? To be continued…

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